Tuesday, October 25, 2022

I Milked Him Like a Cow Who Says Toys Are Just For Girls??? Our Prostate Play Lead to a Messy Finish all Over My 44GGs!!

Hi everyone

I'm Ms. Kitty your favorite coco bbw bunny with the biggest boobs in the bay.I know you have been admiring mine for quite some time now.  You really like staring at my pics and reading all my naughty post. Don't you hehehe I love showing off my breasts as you can tell. Big breasted woman can be so seductive and me well I'm one of a kind. Are you longing for the tantalizing and arousing touch of a sensual female like I can only provide? I go from mild to wild in minutes so imagine all the fun that can be acknowledged during any one of our sessions. People always ask me, “What’s the kinkiest thing you've ever done?” and it’s so hard to answer. What’s kinky to some people is normal to others. That’s why I keep an open mind and explore as much as I can. My playful dominant side is the best when applied with sensual domination. I enjoy body massage, making use of your tongue, telling you to taste, lick, like this, here, now, more, deeper, faster, don’t stop until I tell you. I might use a blindfold or some softer, scintillating toys for sensation play. We can find what drives us both wild. Body rubs with a little sensual domination can be synergistic and it’s so much more engaging, like a dance. I really get aroused by blindfolding and handcuff my clients. I love controlling my little naughties and restraining them for the ultimate kinky massage. Giving up control and submitting to me will be the sweetest defeat you have ever experienced. So don’t deny yourself what you really want. I can feel you looking at my juicy round bouncy 44GGs. I know that you can’t wait to get your hands on.  Go ahead and give them a squeeze 
that’s right nice and firm aren't they? 

These 44GGs are perfectly round and divine and my nipples are always rock hard and sensitive to the touch. I love sucking on my own tits and I bet you will love suckling them too. They are perfect for all types of Russian fun. Actually just the other day I had the pleasure, or should I say we both had the pleasure of enjoying my tits full potential with a kinky twist. It was so sensual and kinky I'm rubbing my nipples now just replaying all the fun in my head. So I just had to share the experience with all my friends LOL I hope you guys enjoy. I sat waiting by the phone made up with my sexy lingerie on. As my phone rung I answered hi this is Ms. Kitty he ask if I offered sensual prostate play.
Yes I said then he told he me about his fantasy he wanted me to use my toy on him and instead of a normal body rub he wanted me to focus mainly on his sweet cheeks, Kinky but I like it I thought so I quickly set the appointment and took a long shower as the water and lather soap ran down my body I got so turned on thinking about how hot our time together would be I reach down to my soapy honey pot and played in my wetness. My climax was almost instant but my arousal grew stronger as I fantasized about all the fun this session would be. I removed the shower head and place it on my hot spot. The shower head has three different types of massage pules and since I had a little time. I teased myself with all of them until I finally found one that was driving me wild. I placed  it right on my swollen love button and turn the water to warm. Holding it for about two inches away from my clit, I let it pulse until it made me scream in orgasm.  I am wet just thinking about how turned on I get as I press my soapy boobs against my glass shower door teasing my nipples. 

After coming off my orgasm high I washed my body once more and got out the shower. As I slipped on my black  nightie thigh highs and red  pumps I could feel the cold air hitting my nipples making them hard I was ready all I had to do now was wait for the knock at my door. So I poured myself a glass of wine and sat sexy on my bed and eagerly waited for him to arrive.He arrived on time I greeted him with a warm hug and kiss. He admired how sexy I looked then without a word spoken he pulled me into him closer and took his hands and started to run them all over my body tracing the outline of my coco nipples. He wrapped his arms around me and lifted up my nightie and said “MMMM look at the way those hard nipples. “As bad as I want to slide my cock right between those tits I want to feel them sliding up and down my back first. I giggled and said “Ok baby lay down and hand me the oil”He quickly got naked and laid face down. I rubbed some oil into the palm of my hand and began massaging him slowly like a breath of fresh air for his body muscles feel my sturdy fingers I work the area thoroughly until wellness lingers. Shoulders neck and back are painfully explored I gave my all in this task of preparatory control. Professional maneuver continues intensely No rush, but aims to finish this task wholly. Kneads body parts with serious loving affection I wanted him to achieve total relaxation to the point he would forgot that this was a roleplay and more of the fantasy he had always dreamed of. 

I climb on top of him and straddle him so that his love muscle was directly under my lacy panties.Kissing him deep and hard I slowly using my tongue and began moving down to his chest flicking my tongue across each of his nipples I lightly traced his torso with my tongue making his entire body shiver with pleasure. MMM I can still taste his sweet skin.I positioned my oily boobs on his back and move slowly. Every glide back and forth creates a warming ecstasy.  My hands on his stomach feeling his pulse racing the breathing accelerates. He laid on my table with amazement as I held myself over his body with my soft and warm boob flesh just brushing over his face and then slowly feeling my nipples and tits tease his entire body. I lean down and let my lips caress his chest so soft and gentle as he gasp and his body shivers within the bliss of such pleasure.  My hands continued to followed the trail of oil as my fingertips pressing into his body I rubbed him softly and seductively. My forearms pushed his legs apart as his manhood throbbed for me. I add more oil to my hands, making sure it is still warm, then slide my hand down my fingertips move up and down through his thighs, man meat and balls as he laid there grasping with pleasure I grazed into his eyes. I knew he wanted it so I teased him more I wanted to make him work for all I was going to give him so I grab my toy that was sitting on the night stand and the lube. And I took my fingers and went over his ass once again. I grab his hips gently and pull as to lift his ass a little in the air. Not much but so that you must notice it. I continue the motion, running my hands from his hips, down the outside of his thighs, up the inside of his thighs, stroking him slowly as I begin to open his anal muscles. Massaging his ball feeling their fullness, then down his long cock, I stroked his love stick softly. Slowly I pulled on his balls, as my hand moved to open his sweet cheeks. I press my toy into him while still massaging his hard rod and balls. My toy begin to work his rosebud slowly, applying pressure to relax the rings as I stimulated his tensions.

My toy began sliding slowly into his dark star.  The stroking became relentless in pace as I stroked faster my toy went deeper..   He scream OH OH OH as I found my target. Smiling as I milked him like a cow I began pressing against his gspot tickling it with my toy I could feel the pressure and the warmth that grows from it. His cock begins to twitch and precum begins to leak. DONT STOP OH OH KITTY OH KITTY he sang as his breathing became more rapid. I pressed and circled his gspot  while my other hand pulled downward on his dripping manhood. As his moan sound like music to my ears I began pushing the toy deeper adding more pleasure and vibration. The sensation was so intense I knew he was ready to give me all his creamy stress. So I quickly laid down and lowered my body over him so I could double his pleasure I placed my funbags between his throbbing rob and continued working his rosebud. "Fuck those tits while I finger your tight little asshole." I said " MMMMMM Kitty Kitty Kitty." That's right fuck them hard and give me this ass I demanded as I slammed my toy into his gspot his moans grow louder and louder I know he was ready to explode so I speeded up the pace stroking him faster and faster. My toy deep into his sweet cheeks. He pulled my full breast into his lovestick as breathlessly call out my  name.. Oooooooooo Kitty Oooooooooo Kitty Oooooooooo Kitty I'm Cumming I'm Cumming he screamed Yeesssss Yesss Yesss I said as I aimed his  throbbing rod right on my boobs. OOOOOOOOOOOO Kitty OOOOOOOOOOOOOO Kitty He screamed as he gave me one last thrust as hard as he could exploding the thickest and most milkiest cum I’ve ever seen!  
Smiling I slowly pull his messy man stick out of my cleavage and I remove the toy from him. Laughing he said breathlessly “that was so intense”. Smiling to myself I said “I can’t think of a better way to get to know each other than sharing a session like this".

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