Monday, February 18, 2019

Valentine's Day will never be the same again. My Shower Fun ending so wet I soaked more than just my towel LOL MMM LOL LOL

Hi Boys

I'm Ms. Kitty your favorite coco bbw bunny with the biggest boobs in the bay.I know you have been admiring mine for quite some time now.Look at them aren't they pretty amazing? Have you ever seen tits this big? Lol I bet you have so many naughty fantasies about me and my incredible big jugs. I bet you're just dying to shoot all your creamy load on them aren't you. Hehehe LOL Guys are always asking me if they are real and of course I tell them yes. They can never believe that something so big and perfect could be a gift of nature! I of course dress to flaunt them every chance I get. I just love how the guys eyes pop out of their heads and their girls look to see what they are looking at. I want to tease and turn men on which is why being a FBSM provider is perfect its so perfect for me to indulge in.. There's something about a oily pair of 44 GGs that make all the boys go wild. I can feel you looking at my juicy round titties that you can’t wait to get your hands on them. LOL I know how excited you get just looking at them, so imagine how you are going to feel when I press your face between them and let you suckle on my hard succulent nipples. Can't keep your eyes off them, can you?  I really can’t blame you, I get preoccupied with them all the time as well.?  You really like staring at my pics and reading all my naughty post. Don't you hehehe I love showing off my breasts as you can tell. But what I really love is shower fun. It's something so sexy about playing with myself in the shower while someone watches that really turns me on. I take off my detachable shower head. It has three different types of massage. I put it on pulse and turn the water to warm. Holding it about two inches away from my clit, I let it pulse until I am ready to cum. Then I turn the shower massager up to where one stream of forceful water is coming out and, oh, what a wonderful orgasm. I am wet just thinking about how turned on I get as I press my soapy boobs against my glass shower door teasing my voyeur friends.
There moans encourage me to give my best performance each time. I know you guys are always looking and searching for the new and creative ways to relax. And watching me can be so much fun, In fact I really went all out for my online admires on Valentine's Day. As my adventures with my friends change so do the request and lately I have been having a love affair with a online admire of my talents who loves to watch me on cam doing what all big boob girls do when we are all alone. Entertaining him when I'm in the shower, taken a bath or just laying back topless and horny made me want to share with all of you.I turned on the cam and gave my viewers a big v-day kiss quickly I began receiving messages with Valentine's  wishes teasing I licked my lips slowly and flicked my tongue across my hard nipples. Once I could feel them all eye fucking me I I began slowly undresses watching myself in the mirror my hands moved up and down my 44 GGs teasing my nipples flicking and massage them gently waited for  the water to warm up and I stepped into the shower. My body seemed to be unusually sensitive to everything around me. I felt the warm water pounding on my skin and the splashes on my face. As I poured the shower gel onto my bath sponge I could smell the sweet vanilla scent. I slowly lathered my body with the suds savoring every touch. Starting at my neck and over my breasts and nipples, I caressed them as my hands continued down. Feeling the soapy water race down my full figure frame touching all the sensitive spots I became aroused. But I didn't want to give in too soon so I began washing my honey coated skin from my feet then my calves, up to my thighs, using my soapy fingers to play with my smooth hard nipples as I licked my lips. I could hear some of them moaning and the lust I knew they made my arousal explode to the point I began losing myself so I decide to let go and I  began pinching my nipples and letting my hands slide down to my moist center. I opened my legs as wide as I could in full view of my cam so my online sweethearts could see all of my sweet honey pot and the juices that were beginning to flow out of it.
Kitty” one of them finally said. "Just watch me" I said as I moved sexy to the music playing in the background. I proceeded to run my fingers through my love tunnel. I let them drop just a little lower and they slid over my hardened clit, stopping long enough to rub several times to feel the sensations run through my body. They continued further down and moved unhurriedly over the length of my slit. My legs slightly widened as I pushed one soapy finger into my throbbing cunt, my sugar wall muscles contracted tightly around it as I slowly pulled out, then quickly pushed back in. I could feel myself about to let go MMMM I wanted to explode so bad the anticipation of my orgasm forced to close my eyes and began fantasizing about someone undressing me slowly while kissing my soft lips and licking me  from head to toe... As the foreplay images became so vivid I flashes forward to them being inside of me and that's when things really got hot. I surprised them with my favorite waterproof vibrator licking the head of my plastic cock. Take it deeper and deeper into my mouth I could hear their moans and the sound of them jerking their  man meat for me Laying back in the tub I began sliding it inside of me pushing it deeper inside of me I started to lick my nipples. "Talk dirty to me talk to me like your inside of me boys." I said They began begging me to Take it deep and ride it telling me how they wanted to see my tits bounce ”. I quickly complained and straddled the fake cock and rode it like a pro.
Slapping my ass as my tits bounce up and down I scream I was about to cum. “Bend over and let us see that hot ass of your one of them said. Yes doggy please ms kitty giggling I got in position and bent of the tub with one leg up to ensure  gave them a perfect view.  I reached back and fucking myself deep and hard as they watched the toy slide in and out my creamy cunt my juices began to run down my legs I knew I was about to squirt but I wanted to surprise them. Spank me boys i moaned. While spanking myself and moving the toy faster and faster my moans turned into scream and with one finally tap on my gspot I squirted. OOOO Kitty Yess Yess Yess was all I heard as I became lost in my orgasm The sound of stroking cocks grew louder and knew they were ready to explode. “Yes baby give it to me” I begged as I pulled the rubber prick out of me and began sucking it making sure to clean all my juices off of it . Imagine this is you I said as I pushed it deeper into my mouth making it disappear. Smiling while giving my toy the prefect sloppy BJ I moved it between my boobs asking them if they wanted to cum right their licking the head of the fake cock as I burried deep in my tits I fucked my throat and begged my last few viewers to cum. “OOOOOOOOOOOO Kitty OOOOOOOOOOOOOO Kitty”their moan sound like music to my ears and then without warning Kitty I'm Cumming I'm Cumming one of them screamed Yeesssss Yesss Yesss I said as the last one shot his joy juice laughing I watch the light from my cam go off and I thought to myself what fun that was. 


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