Tuesday, January 30, 2018

He Had A Craving For My Sweetness LOL My Lover Stop By For Lunch with A Taste For 69!!

Hey Guys

I'm Ms Kitty the southern belle known to have the biggest boobs in the bay.  People always asking me, “What’s my favorite way to relax my friends ” and it’s so hard to answer. I mean I love to have fun lots of different ways. But I have one thing that I never get tired of doing and its always such a fun experience. Wanna know what that is? Can you guess??What do you give to the man that has it all, that would also please the man that has nothing? Why it’s  My oiled up 44GGs and wet lips, of course! LOL I mean no man ever says no to being relaxed by a super busty southern belle. Every red-blooded man ALIVE loves to have a pair of sweet wet lips wrapped around him.But as much as I like to give I also like to receive. And recently I have been exploring the art of mutual oral and I must say that these adventures get better and better each time.As Matter of fact this weekend I had so much fun with a special friend I just had to share with all of you.My phone rung I answered hi this is Ms Kitty a voice said " hi baby I miss you" After realizing who this friend was he ask could he come over and taste me. Smiling I agreed and told him to be at my place in an hour. Quickly I lit the candles threw down some pedals and hopped in the shower. Washing my curvy body I got turned on imagining his skilled tongue tasting me. I removed the shower head and place it on my hot spot. The shower head has three different types of massage pules and since I had a little time. I teased myself with all of them until I finally found one that was driving me wild. I placed  it right on my swollen love button and turn the water to warm. Holding it for about two inches away from my clit, I let it pulse until it made me scream in orgasm. MMMM I'm getting wet just thinking about how turned on I get as I press my soapy boobs against my glass shower door teasing my nipples.
After coming off my orgasm high I washed my body once more and got out the shower.  I sat on my bed oiling my body as the phone rang and he told me he was here. I told him to come on in as I slipped on my sexy nightie. Opening the door his mouth dropped .Wow was all he could say.  I kissed him deeply as my way of saying hi. He quickly got naked and said "Kiss me" licking my lips I slowly leaned forward, kissing him deep then I move down a little and nibble on his ears and down to his neck. I start massaging his chest with my fingers, running my nails lightly down his torso.I took my oil and poured it on his body letting the warm oil drip onto his naked body he anxiously waited for me to take the palm of my hands and began pressing them firmly on his body. Feeling the pressure and softness of my fingers I straddled him pouring oil onto my 44GGs the warmth of the oil began making my nipples I began sliding my body up and down his body. , Moving my oily body in circles up and down his naked body. His grasped of pleasure grew louder and I began flicking my tongue across his ears.Adding more oil to my hands, making sure it is still warm, then slide my hand down my finger tips move up and down through his thighs, man meat and balls as he laid there grasping with pleasure I grazed into his eyes. I knew he wanted it so I  teased him more I wanted to make him work for it so I continue the motion, running my hands from his hips, down the outside of his thighs, up the inside of his thighs, stroking him slowly.As I continued to work on his body he put his hand on my back and pull me closeand he flipped me on my back as his busy hands began moving down my neck and chest with long, lingering kisses that were wet, but never sloppy. Which I just love. I watched as he brought his fingers to my coco nipples teasingly it slowly.
Surprised by how sensitive and responsive they were.I laid back in enjoyment as his fingers crawled between my breasts we locked eyes. And began kissing so hard while his hand continue to admired my massive melons. He buried his face in my cleavage, taking it all in, moving from kisses to sucking and nipping and licking. He wasn’t like the men I had been with in the past, enjoying my boobs for a few minutes before moving on to the main attraction. He was taken his time with them, loving them, focused on making me feel good, but totally soaking in every moment of enjoying himself. His tongue found its way to my nipples flicking it slowly across them making me gasp, then followed with soft, fluttering touches, making me moan. He grabbed them and caressed them groped them and I loved it. He was making me feel beautiful and sexy. He could feel me shiver as he leaned in closer to kiss my neck. Brushing at my honey coated skin with his lips he began kissing all over my breast gently.My breathing was already getting a little louder and faster and my legs folded up around his hips, pressing him down against her my lady candy. He left a trail of kisses from my neck to one of my boobs, squeezing it in his hand as he kissed all around it playfully.“Hmm…” I moaned as I threw one arm over his head and arched my back slightly. I wanted more but I knew he wasn’t going to give it to me just yet.Instead he licked the top of my breasts, just at the line where they started while squeezing them both in his hands and playing with them, pushing them together. Then he let them go, letting them fall and he kissed the between them. As he pulled back, he admired how hard and flushed my nipples were.“Has anyone ever told you you’ve beautiful nipples?” he asked ."No" I said moaning softly“Are you kidding? No, I love them, they’re amazing…” He said.
As he took one between his thumb and index finger and pinched it gently as he kissed the skin around it, working his way to the nipple excruciatingly slowly. He sucked at them once more, l let out a cute moan.Unable to wait any longer I pressed his hand hard into my creamy center. I felt one of his finger slip into the top of my warm slit. I kept sliding his hand up and down against my swollen nub until the tingling exploded inside me.My breathing got more intense while tongue expertly licked and teased my hard nipples making circles before pulling back and letting his lips do the work. MMM his hot breath against them began driving me crazy.He brush his lips tenderly against my abdomen, inhaling the scent of my flesh. As he worked his way back up to nipples. I became very arouse as his hand circled my breast I could feel my honey pot began to get juicy. Looking into his eyes with desire he poured oil directly on to my nipples as they began to hardening them even more. I began breathing hard and my body quivered. Taken his tongue he circled my hard nipples my kitty started to pour out my juices. I wanted him and he could see it in my eyes winking at me he sucked and licked my coco nipples. First the left then the right and I moaned “.Reaching down he began rubbing my hard love nub once more. My sugar walls tighten with excitement as I laid my head back onto his shoulder telling him how much I enjoyed what he was doing. I could feel his manhood standing tall while his hands soaked up all my juices. The silence, as erotic as it is, was driving me insane. I turn to face him, running my warm hands over his erection, stroking it up and down, paying special attention to swirl my hand around the sensitive tip. He whisper in my ear."I want to make you happy, now." while twirling his tongue in my ear this made me get hot. So I laid back as my body relaxed to his touch he began to kiss me all over once more.  Cupping my hard nipples and suck each of my 44GGs softly getting so excited at the feeling of his wet tongue wildly running across my hard nipples I dug my finger nails into his back.My nipples felt like they were on fire.  I began moaning and reaching into my honey pot to find my swollen love button.
 My love tunnel became more and more wet as his tongue danced across my hard nipples..Knowing I was fully enjoying his sensual teasing I gaze into his eyes and smile. I lean forward and gently rubbed my lips against his kissing him. While his hands moved down my back and slide under my black nightie.I let out a soft moan while his hand grabbed  my ass tightly, squeezing and pulling my hips into him.Just lay back he ordered.  Laying back spread eagle I watched as his love nob began to harden. Licking my lips with the desire to suck it. I wanted it  my mouth so bad and he knew it. He gave me a boyish smile as I lowered myself and took him into my mouth as I slowly begin working my tongue around his swollen member. Reaching for my head he began to moan. I gave him a sexy smile as I continued giving him the messiest suck job you ever saw. My spit pouring from my mouth dropping down into my huge boobs and hard nipples. Watching the show I was giving him he got so turned on he slide a finger deep inside me, His repeated pushing on my gspot made me automatically begin to rotate my hips, Grabbing my hips he slide my wet honey pot directly over his hot mouth. He kiss on thighs teasing me just a bit then he lightly lick my creamy lips. Letting his tongue find its way to my harden love button. He began massaging it slowly with his tongue.I close my eyes and moan as my hips subconsciously rise to the occasion. He grabbed my hips pushing his face into my wet spot as I suck faster and faster. His strong but loving touch made me hot with desire my back started to arch for more, and he knows this. Slapping my ass as my tits bounce up and down I scream I was about to cum. “ He thrusted his love stick deeper into my hot mouth as I sucked faster and faster. My breath started to gets faster and chills ran up my spine I could feel my orgasm near. Shaking  I begged him not to stop. Offering myself fully to him I put my hands on his head so I could place his tongue exactly where I want it.“Right there lick it and don't stop baby."
Using my hips to grind against his mouth I exploded. .“OOOOO right there don't stop” I sang as my body shock  My juices flow into his mouth and my pulsing causes me to yell out. I pushed myself harder into his mouth as I squirted so hard it began running down mylegs“Looking as though we are part of some hot porn clip. He lapped up every last drop of my tasty juices. As my body shock. Getting so turned on by my squirt he grabbed my head and  Commanded me to take him deeper into my mouth.My tongue so wet and mouth so warm my tongue flicked wildly across his mushroom head. His man meat began to throb with each lick pulsing as I lick over the knob taking his hardness deep into my mouth.My mouth opened wide tighten my throat muscles I took the tip of my tongue and began swirling around his head slowly moving down to the base. My tongue reached his long thick shaft I gaze up into his eyes as he  watch my mouth as my tongue slowly circles  his rod. My lips started bringing him a little deeper.His body start to shake as my tongue danced around the head my full lips tighten the shaft once more and he begged me not to stop. I began sliding his slippery wet manstick it in and out of my warm wet mouth as I let my tongue lick  lower, too.trace his throbbing veins with my tongue he placed his  hand on my head and begin sliding him in and out to build a very slow rhythm.I added a little more suction he groans grew louder and louder  I could tell he was yearning for me to take it deep in my throat.So I decide to give him want he wanted giving him a sexy look. Quicken the pace increasing the suction I sucked it faster in and out sliding it out so I can swirl my tongue around it.
 My lips slightly parted so he could watch. Calling my name Kitty Kitty he sang as I went in for a deep long plunge sucking his man meat all the way down to the base of his throbbing joy stick, i until I can feel your balls against my chin I suck on it hungrily.The head of his love stick began straining in the back of my throat I quickly begin stroking the base of him with my hand to add more pressure I increased the suction of my mouth as I work the rhythm more. Using my fingers I lightly stroked the base of his man hood. And began massaging his ball feeling their fullness, then down his long cock, I stroked his love stick softly. “OH It feels so Good don't stop" he moaned. Slamming his man stick into my oily boobs. He began thrusting in and out as I licked the tip of his manhood.Moaning more I leaned into him and began kissing him deep. Our long passionate kisses intensified. Slowly, but firmly, I twisted both hands in opposite directions. Smiling sexy at him I oiled up my tits once last time and slammed his throbbing rod deep between my 44GG tits. Feeling his heavy balls slapping against my chest I could tell they were ready to release all his joy juice.I worked his manhood in and out working it nice and slow making sure he appreciated every stroke. His moans and groans grew louder and I began twisting faster while he pounding my tits as hard as he could.Have you ever been stimulated like this??" "I ask" No I haven't Ms kitty he moaned "Tell me how good it feels" I told him. "OhOh OOOOOO Ms kitty its so good please don't stop." Please by his little submissive side I smiled knowing I was driving him wild.
 Watching him fuck my tits got me so horny. I began pinching and rubbing my nipples as I said "Yes baby give these horny tits that hot load!  “OOOOO Yess baby fuck those horny tits harder harder mmmm I wanna see you cum baby”!! The feeling of his rod sliding deep in my cleavage got me so juicy. I started playing in my creamy honey pot. He pounded my massive melons while his pre-cum began dripping off the tip of his manstick letting me know he was ready to explode.As he moaned more and more I spread my legs nice and wide to give him a full of view the show from my pleasure box.  I rub my squirting little clitty faster and faster. As he pounding my slutty tits like no tomorrow. “MMMM yes baby “I said as his body began to quiver, my fingers knuckle deep into my sweet little twat. I breathlessly scream while my squirting juices ran down my legs. As I became lost in pleasure. I worked his manhood faster.Thrusting like no tomorrow he began moaning louder telling me how big his load was going to be.ooooooooo Kitty Oooooooooo Kitty Oooooooooo Kitty I'm Cumming I'm Cumming he screamed Yeesssss Yesss Yesss I said as I aimed his throbbing rod right on my boobs. He gave me one hard thrust and lubricated my tits with his creamy tension. Thank you baby he said Giggling I was thinking no thank you!!

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Prior to booking an appointment with me please be advise of the following:

🌺 My availability is of 9:00am to 9:30PM Mon-Sat .Please do not contact me before or after these times please

🌺For same day appointments I require at least 30 minutes notice.

🌺 I am a very low volume provider therefore I have a limited amount of time slots per day. Prebooking is highly recommended.

🌺Please respect my time if you can't make appointment please contact me to cancel.

🌺Please don't call or text making fake appointment as it waste my time and is unfair to other clients.

🌺Too avoid waiting or missing the opportunity to meet If you're running late please notify me. No shows will be blocked.


 If you don't wish to wait please don't show up early I like to make sure my sessions are properly set up for each client.

🌺I'm discreet I Do not send or post pictures of my face please respect my privacy and don't ask for them I will not send anyone pics please don't ask.

🌺I do have a screening process I will not text or email you my address of location prior to my screening process

🌺Upon arrive please place donation in plain view you must have exact donation don't assume I have change or will take less if not previously discussed. Or you will be ask to leave.

🌺Credit cards are accepted via paypal only!!

🌺I will NOT meet via text or email all appointments must be confirmed from an unblocked phone number.

🌺Do not send me any graphic images or explicit text messages you will be ignored.

🌺I am NOT a full service provider I will not preform this service for additional fees please don't ask.

🌺I do NOT entertain Young Black/AA men, thugs,rude, or aggressive men.

🌺To fully enjoy a meeting, you must be freshly showered, well-groomed, smell nice, and have minty-fresh breath.

🌺Cold beverage of your choice always available and Shower is always open.

🌺Please be respectful and always be a gentleman. Your kindness, generosity, and chivalry will be appreciated and rewarded.

🌺I'm bisexual so ladies are always welcome