Wednesday, September 15, 2021

My Most Sensual Rub Ever I Showed A First Timer What A Nuru Massage Was All About And He Rewarded With A Huge Load of His Enjoyment All Over My 44GGs!!.LOL

Hey Everyone
I'm Ms Kitty and as you can see, I am very well endowed and I know how excited you get just looking at them, so imagine how you are going to feel when I press your face between them!! That's right baby having the biggest boobs in the bay has its advantages and trust me baby I use these 44GGs to their full potential with each sexy encounter. I know what you have been fantasizing about for a long time now. Me covered in oil sliding these 44GGs up and down your body. And why wouldn't you I mean no man ever says no to being relaxed by a oily pair of massive melons like mine. That's what makes me the prefect FBSM Provider and one of my favorite things to do is Nuru massage. This one of my favorite type of sessions because it's a highly erotic massage which I personally specialize in. It should be full of great sensory play which I really love. While still being therapeutic and very sensual I like to think of it as hot, wet, slippery, all grown up Slip ‘n Slide for naughty adults. LOL As Matter of fact this afternoon I had so much fun with a first timer I just had to share with all of you.This afternoon my phone rung I answered hi this is Ms Kitty A very sweet sounded voice began talking to me telling me how he had been following my blog and how he always wanted a big breasted girl like me. Blushing I thanked him and ask if he would love to share a Nuru session with me.Smiling I agreed and told him to be at my place in an hour.Quickly I lit the candles threw down some pedals and hopped in the shower. Washing my curvy body I got turned on imagining his skilled tongue tasting me. I removed the shower head and place it on my hot spot.The shower head has three different types of massage pules and since I had a little time.
I teased myself with all of them until I finally found one that was driving me wild. I placed it right on my swollen love button and turn the water to warm. Holding it for about two inches away from my clit, I let it pulse until it made me scream in orgasm. I am wet just thinking about how turned on I get as I press my soapy boobs against my glass shower door teasing my nipples. After coming off my orgasm high I washed my body once more and got out the shower. I sat on my bed I oiled my body slowly feeling very sexy as my hands dance across my coco skin I thought of all the naughty things I was going to do to him. Looking in my mirror, I smile. Just enough shadow to show off my eyes.Just enough lipstick to highlight my full lips.Looking at my sexy choices to wear I planned my wardrobe carefully, knowing that whatever I choose to slip into was going to be off very soon. So I went for a sheer robe thigh highs and bra and panties thinking less is better. It wasn't long before he was knocking at the door. I qiuckly opened the robe and opened the door. Smiling he said "wow daddy likes" Welcome home daddy I said as kissing him. Handing him a glass of wineI sat down on my bed and opened my rode just enough so he could see my nightie.I could feel him eye fucking me as I reached for the oil setting on my dresser and poured it into my hands and onto my body. Feeling the oil race down my full figure frame touching all the sensitive spots I became aroused. But I didn't want to give in too soon so I began rubbing the oil all over my honey coated skin from my feet then my calves, up to my thighs, using my oily fingers to play with my smooth hard nipples as I licked my lips. Are you ready for me? I ask Giving me a sexy smile he responded by quickly getting up dressed and laying down. Straddling him he softly moaned as he opened his my mouth and my tongue enters his mouth. I kiss him hard while I drizzle the oil all over his abdomen.
I began sliding up and down his body rubbing his shoulders and kissing on his neck. Feeling my oil boobs run up and down his back I gave my all in this task of preparatory control. Professional maneuver continues intensely No rush, but aims to finish this task wholly. Kneads body parts with serious loving affection I wanted him to achieve total relaxation to the point he would forgot that this was a session and more of the fantasy he had always dreamed of.Turning him over I Kissed him deeply slowly using my tongue I began moving down to his chest flicking my tongue across each of his nipples I lightly traced his torso with my tongue making his entire body shiver with pleasure. I positioned my oily boobs on his chect and move slowly. Every glide back and forth creates a warming ecstasy. My hands on his stomach feeling his pulse racing the breathing accelerates. He laid on spread eagle with amazement as I rubbed my oily body up and down all over him. My soft and warm boob flesh just brushing over his face and then slowly feeling my nipples and tits tease his entire body..I lean down and let my lips caress his chest so soft and gentle as he gasp and his body shivers within the bliss of such pleasure. My hands continued to followed the trail of oil as my finger tips pressing into his body I rubbed him softly and seductively.My thighs around his waist sliding up and down,Teasing his calves with my pedicured toes. I worked my elbows on your chest and backside. Through steady, concentrated movement I began releasing all his built up tensions working his body slowly I began introducing him to a whole new world of ecstasy. As I pushed his legs apart his manhood throbbed for me. I add more oil to my hands, making sure it is still warm, then slide my hand down my finger tips move up and down through his thighs, man meat and balls as he laid there grasping with pleasure I grazed into his eyes. I knew he wanted it so teased him more I wanted to make him for all I was going to give him so I continue the motion, running my hands from his balls to the top of his swollen mushroom teasing him with my finger nails, stroking him slowly while massaging his ball feeling their fullness, then down his long cock, I stroked his love stick faster. O Kitty" were the only words spoken. Getting excited by stroking his hard man meat I took his hand and guided
it to my hard nipples he squeezed at them and my kitty began running really wet..His fingers slid down between my legs, caressing my honey lips, teasing me as I arched my back, desperate for him to touch my yearning clit. I groaned as his fingers reached my most sensitive point, rubbing gently. I felt first one finger, then a second slide into me, I was dripping wet with arousal. I felt his fingers slide into me while his thumb played gently with my clit, he carried on teasing me, keeping me just on the edge of coming. Quicken the pace of the stroke I put one hand at the base of his joy stick and the other towards the head. Slowly, but firmly,I twisted both hands in opposite directions. Smiling sexy at him I oiled up my tits once last time and slammed his throbbing rod deep between my 44GG tits. Feeling his heavy balls slapping against my chest I could tell they were ready to release all his joy juice. I worked his manhood in and out working it nice and slow making sure he appreciated every stroke. His moans and groans grew louder and I began twisting faster while he pounding my tits as hard as he could.Have you ever been stimulated like this??" "I ask" No I haven't Ms Kitty he moaned "Tell me how good it feels" I told him. "OhOh OOOOOO Ms Kitty its so good please don't stop." Please by his little submissive side I smiled knowing I was driving him wild.Thrusting hard into my oily melons I began stroking him faster. I love the way your rod feeling between my tits. I said as his balls slapped against my nipples.!!.OOOOOO Yess baby fuck those horny tits harder and harder mmmm I wanna see that creamy juice all of these tits licking my lips I said " His lust filled cries became louder and louder. "Kitty It feels so Good don't stop” he said As he pounded harder and harder I began pinching and rubbing my nipples.Knowing how much I love a big load on my tits I began rubbing my hard love nub as he pounded away at my oily boobs. As he pumped harder and harder I let out a soft moan while giving you a very sexy smile. Getting lost in all the pleasure I was giving both of us I ravage my tight snatch even more, my finger knuckle deep into my sweet honey pot I screamed out. Instructing him to focus on the wetness and the warmth my huge breast were giving you. My body shock trying to fight the orgasm I know that was growing near. I thrust my oily melons harder into his love stick. Whispering in his ear I said "pound these tits and make us both cum baby" After saying those very naughty words I let my tongue dance in his ear between licks I begged him to shout all over my hard nipples."Yes baby that's what I like cum on these tits" I said. Loving the way his cock head felt against my hard nipples. I fucked my creamy center to a shaking orgasm. Watching my juices run down my legs he didn't miss a beat pushing in and out my oily cleavage preparing to give me all his load I did what any naughty girl would do? "Dirty talk"Yes baby give these horny tits that hot load I said while leaning in to kiss him deep and hard". Oooooooooo Kitty Oooooooooo Oooooooooo babyy I'm Cumming I'm Cumming he screamed Yeesssss Yesss Yesss I said as I aimed his throbbing rod right on my boobs. He gave me one hard thrust and lubricated my hard coco nipples with his creamy tension.

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