Friday, August 28, 2020

An Afternoon Soapy shower rub turned into a Naughty Toy Show MMM He Loved Watching me Squirt!!! I'm Still Wet Thinking About

Hi Everyone

As you all know I cater to all my big boob lovers and sometimes things get really wild. Because I love to get wild guys are always asking what’s my favorite thing to do and although there are so many things that I love to do one of my favorite things is a Shower body rub. It's just so hot I love the way my boobs look so wet and lathered with soap pressed against the shower. MMMM it gets me excited just thinking about it. I am a bit of an exhibitionist and I love the attention I get from men just like you.I know you fantasize about hearing me moan and groan as my toy simulates me. You wonder how it looks as my joy juices squirts out of me. I bet your man meat is so hard for me right now isn't it? LOL I’m not shy so I don’t mind if someone watches me. In fact it turns me on. I just love giving a naughty performance to my admires and earlier today I gave one of my best ones yet want to hear all about it? Topless I sat waiting by the phone feeling naughty hoping my next call would put out the fire burning inside of me. As my phone rung I answered hi this is Ms Kitty and the man on the other end asked me could I accommodate his fetish fantasy. He said he liked to watch and if I could give him a toy show. Excited by the request I quickly changed into something more fitting for his fantasy and awaited his arrival. He arrived on time. I greeted him with a warm hug and kiss. He admired how sexy I looked then without a word spoken he pulled me into him closer and took his hands and started to run them all over my body tracing the outline of my coco nipples. I walked sexy to the kitchen. I could feel his eyes burning with lust as he watched my full figured body walk seeing how my nightie hugged my tits as they bounced up and down. Smiling as if I could read his mind I poured him a glass of wine and slowly led him to the bathroom where I decided to give him a little preview . I let my nightie hit the floor showing him all my womanly curves and hoped in the shower. I told him to watch me and turn the music up. My body seemed to be unusually sensitive. I felt the warm water pounding on my skin and the splashes on my face. As I poured the shower gel onto my bath sponge I could smell the sweet lavender scent. I slowly lathered my body with the suds savoring every touch. Starting at my neck and over my breasts and nipples, I caressed them as my hands continued down.Feeling the soapy water race down my voluptuous body touching all the sensitive spots I became aroused. But I didn't want to give in too soon so I began washing my honey coated skin from my feet then my calves, up to my thighs, using my soapy fingers to play with my smooth hard nipples as I licked my lips. I could hear him moaning and see him stroking his man meat while he watched me .

The lust in his eyes made my arousal explode to the point I began losing myself so I decided to let go and I began pinching my nipples and letting my hands slide down to my moist center. I opened my legs as wide as I could  exposing my sweet honey pot and the juices that were beginning to flow out of it. Kitty” he said "Just watch me" I said as I moved sexy to the music playing in the background. I proceeded to run my fingers through my love tunnel. I let them drop just a little lower and they slid over my hardened clit, stopping long enough to rub several times to feel the sensations run through my body.They continued further down and moved unhurriedly over the length of my slit. My legs slightly widened as I pushed one soapy finger into my throbbing cunt, my sugar wall muscles contracted tightly around it as I slowly pulled out, then quickly pushed back in. I could feel myself about to let go MMMM I wanted to explode so bad the anticipation of my orgasm forced me to close my eyes and i began fantasizing about someone undressing me slowly while kissing my soft lips and licking me from head to toe... As the foreplay images became so vivid I flashed forward to them being inside of me and that's when things really got hot. I surprised him with my favorite waterproof vibrator licking the head of my plastic cock. Take it deeper and deeper into my mouth I could hear his moans and the sound of him jerking his manhood for me. Laying back in the tub I began sliding it inside of me pushing it deeper inside of me I started to lick my nipples. "Talk dirty to me, talk to me like your inside of me baby." I said "Take it deep and ride it" he said while stroking his love stick faster and faster. Opening the shower door he asked if he could taste me.

Are you going to drink my juices” I asked “Yes“ he said as he quickly placed his head between my legs and began licking my honey pot. Giving him a sexy grin.Right there suck it lick it and don't stop stroking that cock baby” I moan pushing his head into my creamy center. “OOOOO right there don't stop” I sang as my body shock I squirted so hard my juices ran down my legs. “MMMMMM Ms kitty you taste so good: he said as I kiss him so that I could taste myself of his lips.As we kissed he stroked his cock faster and faster are you ready to cum on these I said offering him my horny tits.I squeezed the towel and let the soaping water run down my 44GGs as the water runs down my breasts as I positioned my soapy boobs on his back and move slowly.My hands lathering soap all over his broad shoulders.I moved my curvy body up and down his back slowly.Every glide back and forth creates a a warming ecstasy. I keeled down in front of him so he could watch the water runs down my breasts. Placing his hard rod between my soapy cleavage I looked up in his eyes and told him to fuck my tits. We latch our fingers together and hold the moment the running water and my wet boobies where driving him wild. I put one hand at the base of his joy stick and the other towards the head. Slowly, but firmly, I twisted both hands in opposite directions while he was buried deep between my 44GG.His moans and groans grew louder and I began twisting faster while he pounding my tits as hard as he could.Licking my lips*I said I want to know how it feels " His lust filled cries became louder and louder.With one hand he was reaching up to touch one of my hard nipples. He grabs one while his other hand was busy. I moan, oohh yes harder and harder how does it feel? Do you like the way my tits feels? I asked. OOOOOOOOO Yesssss baby he moaned as he fucks my horny tits for all they are worth. Watch it I commanded him as juices began to drip out. MMMM Yes I want to watch you shoot that load on them. Don't stop he said Feeling his heavy balls slapping against my chest I could tell they were ready to release all his joy juice.
I worked his manhood in and out of my wet chest working it nice and slow making sure he appreciated every stroke. "Yes baby give these horny tits that hot load I said encouraging him.Cum all over these tits give it to me please” . With those words echoing in his mind he slammed his man meat harder and harder into my wet tits.“OOOOOOOOOOOO Kitty OOOOOOOOOOOOOO Kitty” he sang as he began to lose control.As his moan sound like music to my ears Oooooooooo Kitty Oooooooooo Kitty Oooooooooo Kitty I'm Cumming I'm Cumming he screamed Yeesssss Yesss Yesss I said as I aimed his throbbing rod right on my boobs as he exploded the thickest and most milkiest cum I’ve ever had seen! He looked at me and slowly pulled his mess man stick out off my cleavage As he said breathlessly “that was so intense”. Thank you baby he said Giggling I was thinking no thank you!! 


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