Monday, December 18, 2017

I Never Knew I Was On His Holiday List. Find Out What Happens When The Girl You Secretly Fantasizing About at is The Same Girl You Call for your role-play fantasy my classmate learned about my double life!!

 Hey Boys

 I'm Ms kitty the hot bbw with the biggest boys in the bay.Don't you just love this time of years its my fav. I love the cold winter air not only does the cool air keep my coco nipples hard but it makes guys want to cuddle and be buried deep between my  warm 44GGs which is another reason why I being a FBSM provider I always get to keep them warm with this sexy body.LOL There's something about a oily pair of 44 GGs that make all the boys go wild.Especially when it's cold outside. Guys just love cuddling up with this warm boobs while I relax them. Which really can get hot. LOL Yes even a sensual girl like myself gets massively turned on from a little body warmth. LOL like right now I'm thinking about a long sensual orgasmic session that has both of us left completely drained. Today LOL This time of year also means the end of all this studying as my winter break is almost here. Now don’t get me wrong, although the coursework can be stressful, I really do love school. If for no other reason than that it gives me plenty of opportunities to tease all the guys by flaunting my huge boobs. LOL when I show up to class  I always look so sweet and innocent even though all my shirts are low cut or sheer. I always giggle to myself wondering if they only knew all the naughty thoughts I have when I'm in class. And how I am always in such a hurry to get back home so I can play with my kitty. It turns me on so much to know all the guys eyes are on me. Watching  them undress me with their eyes always make me a little creamy lol. So when one of them notice my voice from my videos things really got interested. Making this one of the hottest session ever so I just had to share it. But I am not surprised that he found out about my double life and booked an appointment with me because I always knew he wanted me.I always felt his eyes staring at me every time I walked by. I saw how he looked past all the typical skinny college girls and stared at me. But I can't blame him I mean why mess around with some girl with an A cup when he could get off with a busty southern belle with 44GG’s?? I knew how bad he wanted to touch them kiss them?? I just didn't know until now what makes a girl like me many men's fantasy?? 
It's more than just the naughty post, sexy pics and teasing videos. It’s that they all wonder what I look like topless and they all want to get their hands of these tits. And I knew looking at mine everyday was driving me wild because he would always have a twinkle in his eyes when he looked at me. LOL he always made it so obvious that he wanted me. I'm not sure how he found me online but he booked me and he was so much more kinkier than I ever thought he would have been. MMMMMM it was so hot I'm licking my lips and pinching my nipples as I write this. So I hope all my friends enjoy this.It all started just a few days ago I sat waiting by the phone made up with my sexy lingerie on. Feeling naughty hoping my next call would put out the fire burning inside of me. As I waited I found myself getting preoccupied with my tits and I began pinching my nipples. Getting turned on by my own soft touch I let my hand slip between my legs just as I was about to slip my fingers in the honey pot the phone rang. I quickly picked up and said “Hi this is Kitty and the man on the other began telling me how he had a thing for big breast and I looked like the prefect girl for his fantasy. Little did we both know I was the girl he had been fantasizing about. Excited by the request I quickly changed into something more fitting for his fantasy and awaited his arrival. Nervously he knocked on my door and when I opened to my surprise we knew each other. For a moment we stood looking at one another mouth open jaw to the floor. I tried to hide it but he could see the lust and desire in my eyes. We had come this far so we might as well give in was all I was thinking. And he must have agreed because his eyes never stop looking at the sexy outfit that hugged my womanly curves just right. Without a word he pulled me into him closer and took his hands and started to run them all over my body tracing the outline of my coco nipples. He brushed his lips against mine and said “Every time I fuck my girlfriend I imagine it’s your big tits I see” I started to cover my face but instead I licked my lips and said “MMMM are mine that much bigger than hers?.  He wrapped his arms around me and lifted up my low cut top and said “ MMMM look at the way those hard nipples and huge tits you can see how hard they are right through the material."
I turn to face him, running my warm hands over his erection, stroking it up and down, paying special attention to his swollen mushroom head. He began moaning. Quickly he removed my bra exposing my 44GGs the feeling of his strong hands began making my honey pot wet. I wrapped my legs around his waist, he pulled me in closer and we kissed so deep and hard. I could feel his throbbing rod beneath me and I move my hips in circles. Our long passionate kisses intensify and I can feel his heart thumping loudly in his chest, keeping pace with my own. I parted my legs nestling his lovesick on my thighs. He breathed deeply, fighting for self-control, and lower his head, brushing his lips along the prominence of my pelvic bones. My head tilted back and my eyes fall closed, concentrating on every touch. He brush his lips tenderly against my abdomen, inhaling the scent of my flesh. As he worked his way back up to nipples. I became very arouse as his hand circled my breast I could feel my honey pot began to get juicy. Looking into his eyes with desire he poured wine directly on to my nipples as they began to hardening them even more. I began breathing hard and my body quivered. Taken his tongue he circled my hard nipples my kitty started to pour out my juices. I wanted him and he could see it in my eyes winking at me he sucked and licked my coco nipples. First the left then the right and I moaned “.Reaching down he began rubbing my hard love nub. My sugar walls tighten with excitement as I laid my head back onto his shoulder telling him how much I enjoyed what he was doing. I could feel his manhood standing tall while his hands soaked up all my juices.
The silence, as erotic as it is, was driving me insane. I turn to face him, running my warm hands over his erection, stroking it up and down, paying special attention to swirl my hand around the sensitive tip. He moaned slightly. Pushing him back I squeeze some oil into my hand as he smiled with anticipating I began kissing his body.  I started kissing his neck then lightly behind the ear. He slightly moaned and as he opened his my mouth my tongue enters his mouth. While I kiss him I drizzle the oil over his abdomen. My hands move up and down his oily body.I start at his shoulders, rubbing the oil into his shoulders and across his back.  I could feel the tightness in his muscle so  I continue to work the oil into his back, increasing the pressure in his tight muscles while I work my way down to his body.. I put more oil in my hands and massage the flowed down onto his man meat.,  As I slowly using my tongue and began moving down to his chest flicking my tongue across each of his nipples I lightly traced his torso with my tongue making his entire body shiver with pleasure. My hands continued to followed the trail of oil as my finger tips pressing into his body I rubbed him softly and seductively.Moving in a slow circular motions and then up and down his frame caused his man muscle to throb as the excitement of my bare beautiful boobies entices him.My forearms pushed his legs apart as his manhood throbbed for me. I add more oil to my hands, making sure it is still warm, then slide my hand down my finger tips move up and down through his thighs, man meat and balls as he laid there grasping with pleasure I grazed into his eyes. I knew he wanted it so teased him more I wanted to make him for all I was going to give him so I took my fingers and went over his ass. I grab his hips gently and pull as to lift his ass a little in the air. Not much but so that you must notice it. I continue the motion, running my hands from his hips, down the outside of his thighs, up the inside of his thighs, stroking him slowly as I begin to open his anal muscles. Massaging his ball feeling their fullness, then down his long cock, I stroked his love stick softly. Slowly I pulled on his balls, as  hand moves to open his sweet cheeks. I press my fingers into him while still massaging his hard rod and balls. My fingers begin to work his rosebud slowly, applying pressure to relax the rings as I stimulated his tensions.I turned the vibrator all the way up and began tracing that sensitive skin beneath the hood of his love meat. My finger began sliding slowly into his dark star.
  The vibration became relentless in pace as my fingers went deeper..   He scream OH OH OH as I found my target. Smiling I began pressing against his gspot tickling it with my finger I could feel the pressure and the warmth that grows from it. His cock begins to twitch and precum begins to leak.I kneeled down in front of him placing his hard rod between my oily cleavage I  looked up in his eyes and told him to stroke my tits. We latch our fingers together and hold the moment .Watching his thickening rod pound my massive melons cause me to start drowning in my own jucies. Pre-cum dripping off the tip of his manstick letting me know he was ready to explode. As he moaned more and more I spread my legs nice and wide to give him a full of view the show from my pleasure box.  I rub my squirting little clitty faster and faster. While tickling his balls and mushroon head with my toy.“Oh kitty you must really like how my cock feels in your tits because your little cunt juices are dripping on your legs” he said. Hearing him say that got me so hot a horny that the only thing that I could do is encourage him to give my hard nipples and horny tits what they really wanted. His hot load shooting on them as my creamy juices flowed from my honey pot I begged Please I begged “cum all over these tits give it to me please” With those words echoing in his mind he quickly slammed  harder and harder into my oily tits, I move the toy deep into him and turn the vibration all the way up. “OOOOOOOOOOOO Kitty OOOOOOOOOOOOOO Kitty” he sang as he began to lose control. I was sure to show him how real naughty school girls relax guys so I gave him my favorite move him the double stroke I put one hand at the base of your rod and the other towards the head. Slowly, but firmly, I twisted both hands in opposite directions. As his moan sound like music to my ears I began pushing the toy deeper adding more pleasure and vibration. The sensation was so intense I knew he was ready to give me all his creamy stress. He pulled my full breast into his love meat and gave me one last thrust as hard as he could as he exploded the thickest and most milkiest cum I’ve ever had seen! He looked at me and slowly pulled his messy man stick out off my cleavage and I removed the toy from him said As he said breathlessly “that was so intense”. “who knew you were so much fun” I smiled and said As he left he said “Don’t worry your secret is safe with me."

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Prior to booking an appointment with me please be advise of the following:

🌺 My availability is of 9:00am to 9:30PM Please do not contact me before or after these times please

🌺For same day appointments I require at least 30 minutes notice.

🌺I am a very low volume provider therefore I have a limited amount of time slots per day. Prebooking is highly recommended.

🌺Please respect my time if you can't make appointment please contact me to cancel.

🌺Please don't call or text making fake appointment as it waste my time and is unfair to other clients.

🌺Too avoid waiting or missing the opportunity to meet If you're running late please notify me. No shows will be blocked.


 If you don't wish to wait please don't show up early I like to make sure my sessions are properly set up for each client.

🌺I'm discreet I Do not send or post pictures of my face please respect my privacy and don't ask for them I will not send anyone pics please don't ask.

🌺I do have a screening process I will not text or email you my address of location prior to my screening process

🌺Upon arrive please place donation in plain view you must have exact donation don't assume I have change or will take less if not previously discussed. Or you will be ask to leave.

🌺Credit cards are accepted via paypal only!!

🌺I will NOT meet via text or email all appointments must be confirmed from an unblocked phone number.

🌺Do not send me any graphic images or explicit text messages you will be ignored.

🌺I am NOT a full service provider I will not preform this service for additional fees please don't ask.

🌺I do NOT entertain Young Black/AA men, thugs,rude, or aggressive men.

🌺To fully enjoy a meeting, you must be freshly showered, well-groomed, smell nice, and have minty-fresh breath.

🌺Cold beverage of your choice always available and Shower is always open.

🌺Please be respectful and always be a gentleman. Your kindness, generosity, and chivalry will be appreciated and rewarded.

🌺I'm bisexual so ladies are always welcome